Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Keliwa 12 Cup Silicone Muffin & Cupcake Baking Pan / Non - Stick / Dishwasher - Microwave Safe / 21 FREE RECIPES #keliwamuffinpan

This Keliwa 12 Cup Silicone Muffin & Cupcake Baking Pan is amazing. It is soft silicone. I pulled out the oven rack and placed the muffin pan directly onto the rack. Filling the cups was very easy, the batter almost rolls off the sides and into the right spot effortlessly and much cleaner than when using a regular pan. I used the temp setting recommended for non-stick pans and the muffins cooked perfectly. The removal of the muffins was amazing - the flexibility of the pan allows for pushing out of each individual muffin without damaging it - removes with ease even before cooling off. The outer layer of the muffin is perfect - not dry like when using paper cups and not burnt like when using regular pans. It's pure joy using this pan. Clean up is super easy.

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