Tuesday, May 31, 2016

ORGANIC SPIRULINA ✮ MAX 3000mg 180 Caps ✮ Natural Multivitamin w/ Beta Carotene & Calcium ✮ Full Body Health Supplement by Fresh Healthcare from Fresh Healthcare #FreshHealthcare

This Organic Spirulina supplement comes in easy to swallow gel caps. The capsules have a little bit of a fishy smell to them, but in my opinion it's a small price to pay for something that contains so many beneficial properties and is organic. Instant energy boost.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bamboo Fiber Kitchen Canister 3 piece set with Airtight Bamboo Lid (Natural White) #cleandezign

This is a very functional bamboo kitchen canister set. The squared design of the canisters is perfect for utilizing as much counter space as possible and maximizing the volume of stored items. The canisters are very lightweight and the lids are air tight with food grade silicone lining. They are easy to open and close. The fact that the different height canisters are all the same width and take the same size lid makes kitchen organization so much easier.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mediderm Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser #EyeBagEraser

I was very happy with this Eye Bag Dark Circle Eraser product - wonderful ingredients, soothing and smoothing effects noticeable right away after first application, excellent results - less visible puffiness and wrinkles, lighter skin around the eyes the next morning. Very impressed with this product.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Race Car Take-A-Part Build Toy with Tools for Kids by Elf Star #takeapartoy

This is cool race car take-a-part build toy that comes with tools and everything you need to have fun with your youngster putting it together. Great colors, very inviting and enjoyable to spend time - great for small motor skill and engineering skills development and wonderful for a bonding experience. It looks cooler in real life and everything fit and worked perfectly.

Cocktail Shaker Set -Premium Bartender Kit in a Luxury Bag: Martini Bar Shaker,Jigger,2 Liquor Pourers & ebook : 100 Cocktail Drinks Recipes - Lifetime Guarantee on all the Barware Tools by SHIKSHOOK #SHIKSHOOK

This is a great quality cocktail shaker set - very sturdy heavy duty stainless steel - enjoyable to use and large size - perfect for making more than one drink at once. Looks beautiful, nicely packaged in a box and a felt pouch - perfect gift.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SYB Neoprene Clip-on Phone Pouch to Shield Cell Phone Radiation - (for phones up to 6.25"x3.25") #SYBPocketPouch

This is a great clip-on phone pouch for SMALL phones with cases or medium size phones without the case. I love the idea of shielding from the phone radiation. My Samsung Note 4 which is one of the largest old phones did not quite fully fit - I did manage to squeeze it in, but it was nearly impossible to pull it out. I've tried a medium size phone like LG 4 and it fits great without the case. Overall it's a well made pouch.

Car USB Charger,48w 4-port USB Charging Hub,Multi-port USB Car Charger r...

Car USB Charger,48w 4-port USB Charging Hub,Multi-port USB Car Charger for Apple Iphone 6 / 6 Plus, Ipad Air 2 / Mini 3, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge and More (White) #UsbCarCharger

This is an excellent car USB charger. The four port capability is so cool - it's amazing, but yes, this is almost a necessity nowadays because most of the time the phones need to be plugged in because they eat up power very quickly with all the data usage, etc. This charger has the smart technology which protects the devices from being overcharged and overheated which is priceless. Great charger, good value.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gpet Rawhide Dog Bones 4-5 Inch Totally Natural Food 5 Count Bag Sold in Bulk, Used Like Toys Chewers for Small and Large Pets Also Helps Aggressive Control in Usa Made for Your Puppy #GPET

These are perfect rawhide dog bones for aggressive chewers. Our 10 month old puppy is a husky/pitbull mix and he eats everything!!! Not only he chews everything up, but nothing lasts long with him around. These bones are the best we've had so far - it kept him busy and happy for a long time. I'm definitely buying more of these for him - he loves them and they are the perfect treat. The fact that the are organic with no artificial ingredients makes me feel like a good "parent"!

Friday, May 13, 2016


This hair straightener brush works good on curly hair. it even de-tangles as it goes through. It is a bit tricky to fully straighten your hair with it, but it gives your hair a more natural wave look. It is definitely a straightening brush, and not intended to replace the straightening iron with two plates that help you achieve a totally straight hair look. I like using this brush when I'm in a rush and my hair is not completely dry.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

24K Premium Gold Collagen Beauty Face Mask 10X Absorption by iBeautyLabs...

24K Premium Gold Collagen Beauty Face Mask 10X Absorption by iBeautyLabs...

24K Premium Gold Collagen Beauty Face Mask for Anti Aging 10X Absorption for Professional Skin Care from iBeautyLabs #iBeautyLabs

This is a wonderful collagen beauty face mask that will leave your face feeling soft, smooth, silky and rejuvenated. It has some of the most beneficial components to perfect skin care - hyalaronic acid, Vit E, and collagen. The mask comes in a pouch filled with serum fluid which you don't want to discard butt rather dab onto the mask once you apply it to your face. The packaging has very clear instructions that are easy to follow. I have followed them fully and enjoyed the whole process. The mask feels like soft rubber and the smell is very pleasant and very subtle. The mask comes off as easily as it goes on. I kept it on for about 30 mins, and when I took it off, I truly believe my skin looked refreshed and moist, my dark circles were definitely less visible and the skin appeared lighter overall. I highly recommend this mask, it was very enjoyable and the skin felt silky smooth right after.

Hand Grip Strengthener Set, x2 Hand Strengthener, Adjustable Resistance Range 22 to 88 Lbs, Therapy Hand Gripper Set, Best Hand Exerciser Trainer for Athletes and Musicians, BONUS eBook - By MegaMetz #MegaMetzGripStrengtheners

These hand grips strengthener set is of excellent quality. I've used different ones in the past and these by far are the best looking, most comfortable to use and easy on your hand grips. I have used hand grips for many different purposes in my lifetime. I've been a classical pianist, and used to have a hand grip in my hands all the time. Later in life, I played a lot of tennis, and was told by all the pro's that a good tennis player works out their hands constantly when not playing on the court. It's perfect to have a set of two because it's very easy to forgo spending the extra time on working out the other hand. I usually set one for the left hand (I'm right dominant) to a higher level of resistance because my left hand is much weaker than my right. I love orange accents on the grips.

Lutein 20mg Vitamin Supplement - Provides All-Natural Benefits for Eyes - For Healthy Retinal Tissue and Vision - The Best Way to Reduce Eye Strain and... from Zenwise Labs #Zenwise

Lutein is a great supplement for eyes. Ever since I found out about the benefits of this supplement, I've been taking it on and off. Interestingly, once I take it for a while and get used to improved eye condition - less dryness and fatigue, I forget to take it, and then notice that my eyes are very dry in the morning. The reason I've stopped buying it in the past was because this supplement can get very pricey. I like this brand because it's produced in an FDA registered facility and is made in USA according to the label. It appears to be fresh and of high potency. I'm not a dr, I'm just looking for good bargains on quality supplements.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Air Vent Car Mount, Treecoo Universal Cell Phone Holder Cradle for iPhone 6 6S Plus 5S 5C 4S, Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 Edge Note 2 3 4,Nexus 5,HTC,LG ,GPS Device #AirVentCarMount

This is useful one hand operation cellphone mount for air vent. It hooks up to the air vent very easily, the holding mechanism can be moved to any desired position, two small plastic buttons on the side release the grip that holds the phone when pressed together. The reason I gave it 4 stars was because the two buttons that you need to press together to release the holder were getting stuck in occasionally, but pushing a few times on them eventually would release and make the mechanism work.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil, 16 Oz from Majestic Pure #MPfractionatedcoconutoil

This is an excellent fractionated coconut oil that is so beneficial for your hair and skin. This is not for consumption, but perfect for external use. Very fresh and wonderful quality. Makes my skin feel soft and nourished.

ActionFly WifiSpd-300 Mini 300Mbps Wireless-N USB Wifi Adapter-Wifi Dongle With Integrated Antenna Technology, 2.4Ghz Frequency and 802.11N/g/b Wireless Speeds #Adapte

This is a cool little wireless network adapter. It is a great option to have if the built in wifi adapter on you laptop or pc stops working which saves you money and buys you time needed to replace the laptop or pc which is a great deal and valuable to have available. I am glad to have it around because I've had network adapters stop working in the past and it was difficult to find a quick solution to the situation.

Baby Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks 6 Locks 2 Keys For Cabinets & Drawers Comes with 2 Safety Latches + 8 Extra 3M Adhesives + Ebook, No Drilling #promotion

These are excellent baby safety magnetic cabinet locks - quick and easy to install, work great. perfect for childproofing or pet-proofing your home. I used different systems in the past and this is one of the easiest to use.

Baby Digital Thermometer - For Infants, Babies & Kids - 30 Seconds Read - FDA & CE Approved - Flexible Tip - Waterproof - Extra Battery Included - from Purple Safety #promotion

This is a perfect baby digital thermometer to have for any parent. The digital technology is accurate, the flexible tip prevents injury, and the waterproof construction makes it super safe and easy to use and clean.