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LiverEdge liquid liver and gallbladder support supplement has 7 potent ingredients in one 1/4 spoon (half a dropper). includes: Milk thistle seed, Dandelion root, Chicory root, Turmeric root. Artichoke leaf, Wormwood leaf , and Gentian root extracts. All natural, made in USA in an FDA approved facility, no artificial ingredients, sweeteners or alcohol, only vegetable glycerin and purified water as 'other ingredients'. Whether you're taking antibiotics, recovering from an illness, or chemo/radiation treatments - this supplement is invaluable in detoxifying and rebuilding the liver and maintaining healthy liver functions. Even if you're healthy, but happened to party too much the night before - take it in the morning and your day won't be ruined! Or if you ate a heavy meal - this is a great aid in helping with digestion as it stimulates the gallbladder. Tastes like honey-flavored syrup with a slight bitter aftertaste. The bitterness actually helps with nausea, so even if you take a few drops at a time, it will help - can't do that with pill form supplements, and taking a pill when not feeling good is a challenge. Greatly recommend.

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Vit C Serum

#singbulli organic Darjeeling Summer Black tea

organic Ceremonial Gold class Matcha tea

Digital food thermometer

Tire Gauge 5 in 1 tool

red wine decantor

My take on waterflossing


Premium Manual Can Opener

KastKing Multi Function Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers

Galaxy Note 4 Screen Protector, Fuzzy Green Limited®

Dental Hygiene Kit review

Nordic Lifting wrist/ankle 1lb weights

Outback car sun shade review

Outback car sun shade review

organic Ceremonial Gold class Matcha tea

How to change your car cabin air filter

Silicone Baking sheet review

#BlueRidge Blue Ridge Lightweight Travel and Camping Hammock review

This Blue Ridge Lightweight Travel and Camping Hammock (Blue/Gray) is easily portable made from nylon parachute material that is easy to clean and feels great to lounge in. All you need is 2 trees within 10 ft of each other. Or you could invest in longer heavier duty straps. I have been looking for a hammock for a few months now, reading lots of reviews, and finally decided that this type of lightweight, parachute nylon material hammock is perfect for me! i didn't have the hammock straps, so was worried if it came with something to hook up the hammock to the trees with, and it did - it came with two ropes that you can tie around the trees. I was a little nervous if that kind of rope was going to stay on the tree and not slide down from my weight, and it did stay in place. I am 150 lbs, If you're planning on having more weight in it, I would recommend heavier duty straps, which I am looking into also because the two trees on my property are more than 10 feet apart so i need longer straps to set it up. I climbed into the hammock very carefully at first, making sure it won't slide down the tree trunk or damage the tree, but once I got situated inside the hammock - what a relaxing and pleasurable experience! My skin is very sensitive to different materials - this one is very soft and doesn't make that sound some nylons make. It also protects from sun and wind which is very important to me and that's why I didn't want to get the rope one. It can fold into the little pouch that it is attached to it and it takes no room to store. Absolutely love this hammock!

Blue Ridge Lightweight Travel and Camping Hammock review

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Gurin Massage Roller for pre and post workout

#massager Gurin Massage Roller (Treats muscle pain, knots and trigger points, Sports injuries, muscle massage, increase strength)

Easy to carry and use everywhere I was excited to test this roller by Gurin and to compare it to my other one. This massage roller is very light weight, takes very little room and is very easy to bring anywhere. It comes in a little plastic pouch that has a paper insert with color pictures of 7 different suggest uses. Even though I had another roller before, I found this little instruction paper very helpful. Makes your tired muscles feel better and very easy to use it on yourself of others.

Monday, October 19, 2015

#TartarScraperkit 3 Piece Dental Tartar Scraper and Remover Stainless Steel Set

I got this 3 Piece Dental Tartar Scraper and Remover Stainless Steel Set in exchange for my honest review. In the good tradition of me delaying going to the dentist for as long as possible, i delayed opening and reviewing this kit. It was sitting on my counter in the clear pouch it came in and reminding me every day that eventually I'll have to open it up and try using it. Finally, I couldn't delay any longer, I opened the pouch, washed the tools in soapy water, and boiled them for 10 minutes. Once they cooled off, I was ready to try using them. Me hygienist always tells me that I have a lot of calcification build-up on my front bottom teeth. I usually start to feel it 2-3 months after a cleaning, so I have bought plastic versions of the dental kit in the past, which compared to this one felt like plastic toys. I was very nervous to try it at first, I was never a big fan of going to the dentist. and the site of real dental tools sent a shiver through my body. That's why I was totally surprised that I actually did like this tool set, and I will use it whenever I need it. I wouldn't recommend using it on little kids, because this set is super sharp, and little kids can move suddenly, and even teenagers. But I will definitely use it whenever I need to. I recommend this product to anyone who needs things touched up in between cleanings and those who are not afraid to work with "real" dental instruments.

Friday, October 16, 2015

#midorispring Midori Spring Ceremonial (GOLD) Matcha Green Tea - my new favorite!

This is my second time trying Matcha Green Tea. But it is my first time trying Ceremonial Gold class tea by Midori Spring. This was a life changing experience for me. This tea is so smooth, has a sweet aftertaste (not bitter at all) and left me feeling energized and satisfied. The powdery texture is pleasant which was a surprise to me. I tried it mid-way between lunch and dinner when I felt like I wanted something but wasn't quite hungry. That nagging feeling is completely gone. I felt satisfied and my mouth felt fresh and clean. This tea comes neatly packaged in an airtight container and is very fresh. The aroma is amazing. I am now #1 fan of this tea!
These strips are excellent. i can see the result almost instantly. I know how important it is to have a healthy pH in our bodies, so I'm addicted to testing myself throughout the day. I never realized how eating certain healthy foods like nuts for example in bigger quantities lowers your pH into acidic levels. And simply by adding a little fresh squeezed lemon juice into your morning water will insure your pH being in normal range. These test strips are keeping me honest - once I saw the fluctuation of my body's pH if i overeat of something that is supposed to be 'healthy' like protein, nuts - I try harder to eat everything in moderation, and definitely feel better already! excellent quality pH test strips - so easy to use, I test myself several times a day to keep myself honest!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#‎EPAutoCP285 excellent cabin air filter replacement - so easy to DiY!

I just changed my car's cabin air filter all by myself!! The filter in my picture (the one on the right) is my old one. The new one is actually of better quality - thicker and sturdier. The filters are grayish color probably due to activated carbon component, but I could see the brownish overtone on mine.

#healthywiserph great quality test strips - best if you know what the different colors mean on your own- instructional paper insert is confusing

It was interesting to test my ketone levels this morning with these test strips. The instructions which are included in the package were somewhat difficult to understand, so I used my own guessing method, and so based on the light color of my test strip i assumed my ketone levels were low - which I believe is a good thing. My ketone level should've been low because i did the test late in the morning after not eating anything since previous night. I guess it would've been bad if my test strip was of the darker color, so I'm glad it is not. I am not sure how else to interpret the result. Maybe for a doctor's office or someone with prior experience in ketone levels the instructions would make sense, but for me they didn't. Other than that, the quality of the strips is excellent, hence the 5 stars. The container is easy to open. So as long as you know what you're looking for/at in your result, this is a great product. It does say 'professional grade' after all. So if I were more informed about what the difference in colors means, this would've been a perfect product for me. If you know how to interpret different colors and could share, please leave me a comment, it would be much appreciated.

#waterflosser - make sure to start off on the "Soft" setting and side gums to adjust to the pressure

Every time I went for my teeth cleaning, i was told to buy a waterflosser and use it daily. I planned on doing it, but never did. I was excited to test it out, and I wish I taped my first attempt to use it because i literally was blown away by this little device's powerful water stream. I took it out of the box and plugged it in to charge overnight. I filled the water tank with room temperature water out of the faucet, stood in front of the mirror - all of the above you're supposed to do, but not the next part that follows; pointed it at my top front gums and pressed the "On" button with the "Normal" selection. I guess I didn't expect for the water stream to come out so power charged out of a cordless device, but it did. I was shocked and instead of pressing the "Off" button, i tried to turn the water floss tip away from my mouth, and it continued to spray me in the face, then all over the mirror and bathroom walls. it was a good few seconds before I finally turned it off and assessed the damage. My top gums were bleeding profusely. I was mad at myself for not reading the instructions and not trying the "soft" mode first. I wiped the water off, waited for my top gums to stop bleeding and decided to try a different approach. I remembered that my dentist always told me that the front top teeth are the most sensitive, so of course it wasn't a good idea to start there. I pointed the water pik at the spot between my lower side teeth, made sure it was on "Soft" setting, braced myself and turned the flosser on. I was pleasantly surprised that #1. It didn't hurt at all, #2. it felt kinda good, #3. my gums weren't bleeding, #4. I felt it dislodge tiny particles of food stuck between my teeth even after I brushed. At that point I was feeling brave and slowly moved the pic along the gum line - no pain, just a pleasant vibrating sensation. Wow, I was happy I stuck with it and read the instructions. This is now a part of my bedtime routine - my teeth and gums feel stronger and cleaner. It is so easy to operate once you get used to it. I take out the water chamber and refill it several times throughout one cleaning.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

#oomph Silicone Wedding Ring For Men

I didn't even know silicone wedding band was a "thing". Apparently, it is. It makes a lot of sense not to wear your expensive gold/plantinum band when going to the gym, swimming, working in the garden, working on the car, playing tennis, doing yard work, My husband has thick fingers. I ordered him size 11, He said it fit tight around the knuckle, and he would've rather have size 12. If you like wearing a wedding band this is a great option.

#R'stoyours Nut milk bag

This bag is made out of material that is quite soft and easy to use and clean. The corners are rounded so it's very easy to rinse out. i sometimes make homemade nut milk (almond and cashew milks are my favorites) and it is always a special treat. My first time making almond milk involved using a cheesecloth, it was a complete disaster - tiny pieces of almonds everywhere. That's when I searched for a better solution and found out about the nut milk bags. This bag is not too big. I use a high powered blender to grind the almonds with water, which makes for a very fine pulp residue. This in turn makes it a challenge for ANY nut milk bag to remove 100% of this very fine residue. I have found a solution by making it a 2-step process and using a non-bleached paper coffee filter to strain the milk once it goes through the nut milk bag. This second step removes the fine powdery residue which turns the gritty milk into a phenomenally smooth and tasty milk good enough to put into your morning cup of coffee or to drink as a beverage. I am giving this bag 4 stars because as far as mesh nut milk bags go, this one is just as good as some of the others I’ve had in the past. However, I’ve used ones with tighter mesh, and they did a slightly better job at filtering the fine almond pulp even though some of it was still getting through. However, the cleaning was much harder and took longer in the stiffer mesh bags. This bag cleans out very quick and easy because the material is more flexible.

beautiful decorating LED lights that add sparkle to any plant and transform any ordinary object into a festive display #rtgsproducts

I love LED lights! lights These lights are so bright and pretty! I got 6 different colors of these lights and wanted to review the soft white ones. All these lights come on a 6 ft thin soft bendable wire that is very easy to manipulate. The lights come with 2 round cr2032 batteries which will make the light run for 24 hours continuously or even longer. I used the soft white lights in this decorative plant and it came to life instantly! I turn it on every night and my room is transformed into a festive atmosphere instantly. I'm also attaching pix of other color lights that I played around with. I change them up and move them around.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Tire Gauge 5 in 1 tool

#singbulli organic Darjeeling Summer Black tea

I got this wonderfull tea from India in exchange for my honest review. Watch me make a cup of perfect Darjeeling Summer Black tea. I love sipping on it hot or cold throughout the day.

#singbulli organic Darjeeling Summer Black tea

Vitamn C Serum by Derma Beautix

Vitamn C Serum
#acebeauty Like this post on my Facebook page and you can receive a free bottle. I will announce 1 winner this weekend. The company will send you your free bottle absolutely free.

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Acquapura Personal Filter Straw

I received this Filter Straw in exchange for my honest review. I am happy to have this device for emergencies. I live on the Island, the drinking water is pumped from the mainland. Drinking water is a scarce resource here. We've had situations throughout the years when we had no running water for days. I feel much better knowing that I have this device in my emergency pack. My husband is a prepper at heart, so he was excited about this product as well. I contacted the company and asked if it will convert salt water to drinking water, and apparently it won't. I understand it's a whole different process. We do get plenty of rain water and I'm sure I'd be very comfortable using this straw for rain water. We go offshore on the boat and have an emergency/survival kit there, I am going to add this device to our other supplies. I would also recommend it to anyone who goes hiking to have it in their bag. I was very happy to know that it has 3 year shelf life and 1 one year from the time of first use. This is a small price to pay for a peace of mind. It's like insurance, you have to have it, but hope you never have to use it. I'm glad I have it, and I hope I'll never have to use it. #acquapura

Power Pearl Probiotic #WellStateProbiotic

#WellStateProbiotic My livelihood depends on having quality probiotics within reach at all times. Having gone through chemo and radiation, I am convinced I wouldn't have had survived without them. I was very excited to try this Power Pearl Probiotic by Well State and it exceeded my expectations. I popped one in my mouth and loved thee texture, and even though it says to swallow, I did the ultimate taste taste and chewed it. I consider myself a probiotic expert due to nearly 20 years of taking them and recommending them to my family and friends. I can tell a quality probiotic by tasting it, and this one was off the charts. Very fresh. The consistency is what I'd expect of a slow-release probiotic. I love this product and will add it to my regular regimen. I received this probiotic for free in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Excellent supplement for Fall/Winter months to prevent fatigue and gloominess, and to keep your vitamin D levels normal #advantavita High Potency Vitamin D3 5000 IU, All-Natural Formula in Organic non-GMO Olive Oil for Absorption (240 Softgels)

I received this High Potency Vitamin D3 5000 IU, All-Natural Formula in Organic non-GMO Olive Oil for Absorption (240 Softgels) supplement in exchange for my honest review. I am very happy to review it. My husband has been complaining about aches in pains since the start of the fall. He spends a lot of time indoors due to his work. It's very hard to get him to try new things and to make sure he continues taking a supplement. He started taking this Vit D and we have big hopes for it to give him the needed relief. He only took if for a couple of days but already noticed that he has more energy. I also noticed that he is in a better mood inspite of all the stress. I like that it is in organic olive oil which is very beneficial in and of itself, and I am hopeful that he will have an easier time this coming fall and winter with the help of this supplement. The softgels are very inviting and easy to swallow. It's a good idea to test your blood level of vitamin D because a lot of people don't realize that they are low and this could lead to a lot of unexplained symptoms.